We give life to your ideas. Mangia Italiano® undertakes the project: Aesthetics, Finishing, functionality to recreate your dream!

An elegant corner with an innovative design that includes the passion for the italian good eating. Pasta to be served in a simple and professional way to your customers. Suitable for locations nearby offices and shopping centers.

A unique experience with this “format” which considers a realization dedicated to fried fish, skewers and all sea products. Suitable for shopping centers and touristic cities.

The most famous italian product in the world now has a customizable and exportable format. A dedicated space to the art of pizza focusing on the new smart food’s trends. Pizza lovers will find themselves in a familiar and exclusive environment. Suitable for high inflow places, shopping centers, touristic cities.

The “slow food” queen blows up with this nice format for those who are fond of this genre. The reference to Romagna, the culture and the simple finishes make this format a welcome opportunity for a successful business. Suggested for foreign markets, shopping centers and touristic cities.

A professional format that embraces the world of pastry and ice cream. Croissants, small pastries, cakes and ice cream will be enhanced by this “sweet corner.” Suitable for shopping centers and in cafés.

The whole fruit world is enclosed in this colorful format that represents those who want to make this idea their own working idea. Indicated for amusement parks, summer inflow places and and touristic cities.

A “special” wider format that includes several types of products: restaurants, food court etc. Suitable for wide spaces.

New formats where the furniture goes with the “vegan and gluten free world”. Designed to those who consider this job a passion for healthy food with rules to follow. Suggested for foreign markets, shopping centers and touristic cities.

The Japanese culinary art breaks in with this elegant format for lovers of this genre. The reference to the Rising Sun, the eastern culture and the tradition make this format a pleasant setting for a successful business. Suitable for all the locations.